For those who loved the Get Commando Fit program - here is its incarnation in a more simplistic form.
I'll be posting daily workouts / challenges for you to do. The intent of the Commando Daily Challenges #cdc is to encourage everyone to be active, participate and come together on a common ground that unites us and reminds us of or contribution and service to one another.
Inclusiveness is another important attribute of the #cdc - this is where knowing your start point and scaling appropriately to ensure you train consistency at sub - maximal efforts to have a little in reserve to dedicate to your other daily activities. The onus will be on you to scale relative to your level and life priorities. Below is a general guide on scaling.

Training Age:
Beginner: (0 - 6 months) minimum of 3 x sessions a week
Intermediate: (6 months - 2 years) minimum of 4 x sessions a week
Advanced: (2 years +) minimum of 6 sessions per week

Beginner: Quarter - half of the daily prescribed challenge
Intermediate: Half - three quarters of the daily prescribed challenge

Another exciting component of the #cdc is I will be hosting workouts from time to time in varies locations around Australia that you are welcome to participate in. Location, timings and equipment to bring will be posted in advance to give you time to plan and prepare.

Each session will be a $20 per person.
To participate in the sessions you must first complete the online pre-screening questionnaire, link above in bio.

I want to hear how you went, post your time and scale if required to comments.